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Great Shareware Reviews Ziff-Davis Shareware

PC World Magazine's Fileworld

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ZDNet Software Library Ziff-Davis Top Rated Shareware Programs and Utilities, with long descriptions and ratings.
ZDNet Top Free Utilities It's the dream team of free tools: The 99 most popular free utilities of 1999. It's a great collection!
FreewareNow.COM The Web's Hottest Free Software!
Parson's Technology Source of excellent, inexpensive software, including Tax & Accounting, Geneology and Bible
Free Forum C|NET's Search Page
ProvenEdge Software for Entrepreneurs
WinSite Largest software archive for Windows
Shareware.COM C|NET's Shareware Page - excellent way to find shareware on the Internet. Short descriptions, multiple sites for downloading most programs.
Download.COM C|NET's Download Page
Search.COM C|NET's Search Pagez
Infoseek Computer Guide Infoseek Guide : Computers & Internet
MidStream Award Wining Games and Utilities for Windows